Jo Kroese

I am a data scientist, artist, sometime startup founder and musician.

The trinity.

My work has started to fall into three rough categories:

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Sometimes I do things in real life.

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Feeling curious? Here are a few more bits.

I've heard you speak and you don't sound so Dutch. What's that about?

I grew up in the North of England. I'm half Dutch but a lot more English.

I want to tell my mum about you. What pronouns do you use?

In English and Dutch, I use they/them. Tell her I said hi.

I've seen you called different things in different places. How should I write your name?

My passport says Joe, these days I use Jo for all professional work and my friends call me Jo or Jobi.

Let's chat.

Got something you'd like to share? A potential collaboration? A question about flowers?

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