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Joe Kroese
November 14th, 2018 · 1 min read

The human body, it turns out, is not so human after all. 59% is bacteria. While this may lead us to cling to DNA as the real us, the ‘human’ parts are indistinguishable from DNA resulting from peptide mutations. Not only are the things inside us foreign - ‘strange strangers’ to use Timothy Morton’s phrase. The closer you look, the more we too become strange strangers to ourselves.

‘Closer’ confronts the audience with this ontological shock using an Xbox Kinect sensor, a projector and code. At two metres away, you can see your body as a swirling of objects: beautiful but recognisable, workable. Moving closer, the body’s ‘reflection’ disappears into the distance and then nothingness. Moving further away, your body is revealed to be made up of thousands of spinning human bodies. The strangers within you. The strangers that compose you.

Closer is a project that first showed at Fridge Door Gallery in Montreal as part of the exhibition ‘Boundaries & Frontiers’. There’s a little write up about the exhibition here.

The code is open-source and available here.


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